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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 1, 2010 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

9:00 pm spout off from anywhere in the world name a town if you wish to opine. when writing to us, please do not be turgid. thanks for watching. i'm bill o'reilly, please remember the spin stops right here because we are looking here because we are looking out for you. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. [ applause ] >> voting is what america is all about. >> listen to our concerns. listen to our needs. >> the president: i need you to keep on . >> we are getting up, we are staying up. >> the bigger the government gets the smaller the american people get. >> the president: we will reclaim the american dream.
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>> we are starting to get out of this mess. let's stick with moving america forward. >> we want to cross the finish line tomorrow. . >> you have to decide if you want it bad enough for your kids and future. >> remember when ronald reagan was president? we had bob hope, we had johnny cash. think about where we are today? we have no hope and we have no cash. >> sean: welcome to this election eve edition of hannity. tomorrow is judgment day for the democrats. in less than 24 hours the latest opinion research polls show republicans are poised for victory around the country. out in nevada, angle maintains her edge over reid. age gull leads by three points 48-45% among likely voters. in colorado tea party favorite buck pulling away from bennet. buck holds a four point lead
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over bennet, 50-46. on the west coast, wash stone stat race between murray and ross -- rossi may go down to the wire, murray holds a two point lead within the poll's margin of error. in illinois the gop is poised to capture president's old seat in that race kirk leads democrat giannoulias 46-42% with 6% going to the green party candidate. in the key swing state of ohio, gop leads in the race for governor republican kasich is running four point as head of the democrat governor strickland 48-44%. joining me to react to all these numbers and get his analysis former clinton adviser author of 2010, take back america, dick morris is here. here we are, welcome back. >> all those races, i list in that book 2010.
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gone, gone, gone, gone. >> sean: i'm going to ask you about all those specific races. gallup is known for being cautious in their estimates internship iting. this is them interpreting their own data, which is historic. it should be note year's 15 point gap only a 5% gap in '94. it is unprecedented in gallup polling and could result in the largest republican margin in-house voting in several generations. this means that projections have moved into unchartered territory in which past relationships between the national party vote and number of seats won play not be -- may not be maintained. unchartered territory? >> that's what i've been saying. i believe the republicans will win 60 to 80 seats in the house, i believe it could go
9:04 pm
higher. i think they are going to win nine seats in the senate. there are two that may fall, giving us the majority. the -- there is no positive reason to vote for barack obama's democratic party. he has not presented a rational. he's not presented a reason he hasn't even scared people about the republicans enough. >> sean: let's go through. we know certain flips are happening. north dakota is one. arkansas is number three. indiana is another. go ahead. >> those are of course gone. then you have toomey that's way ahead. >> sean: that's pour. >> you have colorado which is four to five ahead that's another take away. >> sean: buck. >> you have wisconsin johnson seven or eight ahead. angle who is three or four ahead in nevada. you have kirk who is three or four ahead in illinois. that's eight. when you say three or four ahead, i believe it is six or
9:05 pm
seven ahead because of the turnout disparity. then you have west virginia raese is three behind -- i'm sorry you have washington state where rossi and murray are dead even tied which i think means rossi is going to win that's the 9th seat. the 10th seat can be california or west virginia in both cases the republican is three, four or five behind in both cases they are using old turnout models. they are using the 2008 turnout model if they use the 2007 model, those races are tied. >> sean: what happened to west virginia? manchin he always was a popular governor. he supported -- fires a bullet through cap and tax. >> hit an impact but what people are missing there and the point raese has made in the closing argument and i think it is getting traction. it doesn't matter what joe manchin says. if his body is elected to the
9:06 pm
united states senate and sits on the left side of the aisle instead of the right side of the aisle, obama controls the senate and can pass anything he wants. >> sean: you gotta run the table is what you're saying. west virginia, you gotta win in oregon -- >> not oregon. sean i'm i'm sorry washington. washington, west virginia then california or maybe -- >> listen, if we end up with 80 seat gain and 50-50 in the senate we'll be in good shape. my worry is not the margin of error but the margin of theft in west virginia. >> sean: is that what it is? >> pj o'rourke had a wonderful line. he said in is not about an election this is a restraining order on obama to stop him from doing this. >> sean: is there going to be a battle emerging between the tea party -- if rand paul and joe miller and sharron angle, marco rubio and these conservative republicans get in there, do you see a battle emerging between the
9:07 pm
establishment and those that boldly want a conservative agenda? >> i don't think it will be a battle. it will be a massacre. the tea party has these guys terrified. you are going to have 100 new faces in the republican caucus out of 250. the tail will wag that dog. i also want to don't count out linda mcmahon in connecticut. don't count out christine o'donnell in delaware. don't count out your next guess joe dioguardi in new york. we are in un erred waters. historical record 74 seats set in 1922, i'm confident we are past that >> sean: we looked at the enthusiasm gap. barack obama too short years ago, yes we can and people fainting and obama and chant, chant, chant change is coming. here he goes to ohio and there are 5,000 empty seats in a relatively small arena!
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>> that's right. but listen, what you are longing at is the washington arrogance and the political reality there's huge dis juncture. i'm going to be recording things on my website every 15, 20 minutes go to and i'll give you my personal take on what is happening. >> sean: you've been pretty bold going where those would not go early on. >> they call it unchartered waters. >> sean: gallup has caught up to you. you said this about a year ago. most say obama is a one-term president. a lot of democrats don't want this to be a referendum on obama i have no doubt nancy pelosi will be thrown down the stairs by the white house, they've already laid the foundation. what the democrats gonna say the president leaving town going on an overseas trip.
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what is their excuse going to be if your scenario unfolds? >> they will say the country was misinformed and misled and so on. i think -- big money came in. >> sean: they believe that? >> they won't believe. the focus is can obama move to the center like i got clinton to do in '95 the difference is there is no center. are you going to raise taxes? yes or no? what is the center position? >> sean: would democrats dare in a lame-duck session come back and not extent the bush tax cuts? >> we'll be able to kill it in the senate 41 votes plus two we pick up on election day my wife eileen said all of the republicans who win tomorrow, take away democratic seats, should go to the lame-duck session and sit in the galleries and stare down at the guys they beat and dare him to vote again the
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interests of his people. [ laughing ] >> sean: you've been out there way ahead of the curve on this. we'll be watching tomorrow night. all eyes will be watching the results out of massachusetts and nevada tomorrow. where the democratic incumbents in the biggest fights of their careers. can barney frank hold his seat or will his opponent pull off a scott brown upset? harry reid is running the risk of being dethroned. sharron angle is here tonight and much more as this preelection edition of hannity continues. [ male announcer ] how can rice production in india
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. >> sean: will the president face a primary challenger from the left on 2012? haley barbour was asked that. >> will you challenge the president in 2012? >> we'll decide after november 2nd, i was thinking about the president having a challenge from the left. who is to the left of him? >> you haven't decided to run? >> coming up some folks who are to the right of president obama, governor romney, angle and haley barbour himself. and when it does, men with erectile dyunction can be more confident in their ability to be ready with cialis for daily us cialis for daily use is a clinically proven low-dose tablet you take everday, so you can be ready anytime the moment's right. ♪
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>> sean: less than 24 hours to go. gallup shows gop with a large enough lead to suggest republicans will win back the majority in the house. according to gallup this year's 15 point gap in favor of the republican candidates among likely voters is unprecedented in the company's polling history. and could result in the largest gop margin in the house, in several voting generations. to see these numbers in play take a look at the massachusetts races, the commonwealth once thought to be a liberal stronghold is feeling the aftershocks of the scott brown earthquake. longtime congressman frank in the toughest race of his career against republican sean bielat. it seems it has gotten closer in the lack couple of weeks.
9:15 pm
what does that tell bielat? >> it tells me he hears the footsteps, he knows what is coming. he hasn't had a competitive race they ray longtime and he feels the heat. -- >> sean: here is the former massachusetts governor mitt romney is back. governor, welcome back. >> thanks sean. >> sean: we going to hear tomorrow night fox news projects that barney frank has been congressman in massachusetts? >> i think it is going to be a long night for barney frank. i don't know how soon you will be able to predict his demise. if there is anybody in this country who takes or should take the primary responsibility for what happened in our financial markets and the meltdown of america's economy it's got to be barney frank. he's at the top of that list. it is a democratic district, in a democrat state. the people recognize this geyser ofed 30 years, it is time for him foe go and bring in sean bielat, -- time for
9:16 pm
him to go and bring in sean bielat. >> sean: i'm not sure what is in the water in massachusetts. after scott brown, frank has a little trouble. barack obama's friend the governor deval patrick is dead even with his republican challenger charlie baker in that race. demographically has something changed, shifted? has massachusetts become a different state? >> i think barack obama and the liberals have proven to people across the country they don't know how to govern. and their approach to the issues of the day has been absolutely wrong. as a result, the american people who like barack obama, and like a lot of liberals, don't want them governing their lives. they've had enough of the tax increases that are slated down the road. enough of cap and tax. they don't card check. and they don't like commacare. put it together and the american people have said enough with the bailout, enough with higher tax, enough with more borrowing. we want new conservative
9:17 pm
voices in washington. >> sean: are we going to conclude by wednesday morning this was a referendum election on the president himself, on his leadership, on his broken promises or are liberal pundits going to come up with some excuse that gets obama off the hook? >> sean, there is no question, this is a referendum on the president. a referendum on his campaign slogan of yes we can. it has been well it is a little harder than we thought. he's not been able to deliver the goods. even the goods he described after he became elected. he said if you will let me borrow87 billion dollars i'll hold unemployment below 8%, he didn't. we haven't seen 8% since he's been in office. the people of america have seen his policies and vetting about what they think of barack obama and whether he and his fellow travelers in washington can make america
9:18 pm
stronger or whether they will continue to make it more painful for the american people. >> sean: when were you on the program, i asked about the health care that you brought to massachusetts. obviously, the country has rejected obamacare, nationalized health care, socialized medicine. you made a strong defense that there was no similarity in your mine, there were grave differences. i grave differences. i want to give you an opportunity to explain to some people who were critical of you, what are those differences? >> there are some similarities and important differences as well. maybe i will start with the intent. the intent of our legislation was to get health care to to work like a market the intent of the obamacare program is to have government takeík-r over health care. our bill was a state solution to a state problem within the rights of the constitution.
9:19 pm
obamacare, is a federal intrusion of power taking over the rights of states and families, the rights of doctors. it is a massive abusive constitutional power. for that reason i think it needs to be repealed and we need to do a better job in a way that makes it work more like a market obamacare raises taxes by half a trillion dollars. cuts benefits to seniors on the private side of medicare by a half a trillion dollars. we didn't do anything like that. and ours is a experiment, there's some mistakes, things i would do differently second time around. the last thing i would do to take what we had done for one state and impose it on the nation. unconstitutional, bad policy and wrong. >> sean: you have been campaigning for a lot of people. people have told me you donated, i guess you have a mitt romney pac, a lot of
9:20 pm
people are speculating, beyond tomorrow that the 2012 presidential race begins. have you given any thought to it? are you thinking about giving this another go? >> well, you know ann and i will sit down sometime after the november 2nd, elections probably during christmastime and begin some discussion about it. we haven't made our mind up as to what the process will be and when we will make our final decision. i don't think it is any time immediately. right now i want to make sure we are using all of our energy and breath focused on getting republicans elected tomorrow. the bar of expectations has been set extraordinarily high. i don't know whether we will get all the seats that people are predicting. one thing is clear, there will be a clear and convincing rejection of obamaism and liberalism and a reassertion of our belief in conservative values and conservatives principles. that that's what is going to happen tomorrow.
9:21 pm
>> sean: governor mitt romney, thanks for being with you us. >> sean: coming up it is being compared to the republican revolution of 1994. will tomorrow deliver similar results we compare voter sentiment between now and then. that and more coming up. [ male announcer ] in the event of a collision, the smartest thing you could do is cut the fuel supply, unlock the doors, and turn on the hazards. or get a car that does it for you. ♪
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>> sean: on this election eve politicians and analysts are predicting the mid term outcome will be comparable to the republican revolution in 1994. republicans picked up 52 seats in the house, eight in the senate, giving the gop majority for the first time in 40 years. will tomorrow's results be similar? in 1994 ledding into the election 73% of congress' job performance.
9:26 pm
compared to a recent poll it shows a similar sentiment with 70% disapproving of the job congress is doing, 19% approving. is this another republican revolution in the making? joining me with reaction kirsten powers going to have a tough day tomorrow. and margaret hoover, both fox news contributors. are you going to hold on to the house? >> i'm not so invested. >> you can't you are protecting yourself. >> sean: you are building a wall around you of excuses, i can see it. >> i'm still not sure what is going to happen. we were talking you think it is going to be this huge blow-out. >> sean: you are giving away my secrets. jive to wait and see. you put the numbers up. >> sean: you know what it is? democrats deserve to lose. >> i don't agree with that. >> sean: he deserves to win?
9:27 pm
the economy is doing so well. >> i don't think there's much you can do to turn the economy around that quickly. >> sean: that's what told us. >> they made a mistake. they never should have done that -- [ talking over each other ] >> sean: margaret? >> i think this is going to be bigger than 1994. what has happened in the previous two years has been more drastic. the first two years of bill clinton's administration he had a lot of failures it was indicated he wanted to move left he wasn't that successful. president obama and the congress has moved us farther left in two years, and it is going to be a major repudiation. >> i disagree with that. he's so not left wing. i say this as a person, i am left wing. it is really not left wing. something you guys have branded. if this is how you understand what is happening, you are going to total misread it.
9:28 pm
>> come on. misreading was the left wing of democratic congress -- [ talking over each other ] >> keynesian economics not liberal. >> sean: slow down. when you take over car companies and banks and insurance companies and financial institutions and in less than two years, three trillion in new obama debt. when you -- hang on. talk about redistribution of wealth. when you look at this you don't that i is left wing? that is the keynesian model by definition socialism. socialism predictably fails. the american people said this is not what they were promised. you don't see that at all? >> there are so many things you just said i won't be able to respond in the amount of time we have. he didn't come in and we had this perfect economy and he
9:29 pm
was like i think i'll take over car companies. first there were institutions taken over under the bush administration. what i'm pushing back against is this idea he's this super liberal guy. health care plan was not that liberal. >> sean: i can't take itamar growth. >> cap and trade used to be a republican idea. >> sean: you know what the big problem is? he has governed against the will of the american people that is a big problem. >> he shoved health care through. you may say health care wasn't as left wing as it could have been. he did not have the majority of the american people not even close onboard when they ran this -- when i say the left wing of the democratic congress, when you have 17 out of 20 chairs in the house of representatives being held by people who [ unintelligible ] they are save in their ideological positions. [ talking over each other ] >> they are too liberal for the american people. >> no, they are not. >> that is what is being
9:30 pm
repudiated this isn't a yes vote for republicans this is a no vote for left wing democrats. republicans have a lot to prove -- >> people are voting on the economy. you look at every poll, health care comes up as number three at the most. so i'm just saying -- >> sean: he's failed on the economy. >> it is a referendum on the party in power, i agree with that. i just disagree about why. >> sean: tomorrow night if you have problems, call me i'm offering free therapy for liberals. [ talking over each other ] >> sean: what were you doing on bill maher's show? are you out of your mind? >> he needs a good conservative to knock him around every now and then. i was standing up for the right. >> sean: all right, -- i needed you to stick up for governor palin more. >> i stick up for governor palin, i'm a defender.
9:31 pm
>> sean: i was half a sleep when i was watching. it must have been an old show. >> it was. >> sean: coming up sharron angle, haley barbour and basketball beckel here. >> first, kids lined up at the white house last night. they wanted halloween candy. they were disappointed by the obama white house. wait until you hear what the white house was giving out. it wasn't a snicker's bar or a kit-kat! getting an amazing like discount on a hotel with travelocity's top secret hotels. ahhh... the easy way to get unpublished discounts of up to 55% off top hotels. your fingers are quite magical. just don't feel like they used to.
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9:36 pm
by offering free food in exchange for votes. reid's campaign accusing angle of voter suppression and caller her a liar. joining me with reaction is sharron angle. we invited senator reid, what a shock he said no and he hasn't gotten back to us. sharron angle maybe as of tomorrow night senator electric. you are glad this moment has finally arrived? >> well, of course sean, it is always an anxious moment the day of the election. i want to welcome you first to my home and say thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk once more to nevada voters about getting out that vote and the clear choice they have between me and senator reid. >> sean: let's first go to these charges of voter fraud that continue to pour in. what is going on out there? what about free food offered for votes? >> well, we phone several
9:37 pm
irregularities in the -- we found several irregularitys in the voting process. voting started on the 16th of october we've been almost two weeks into voting. what we found are certain things that have been disconcerting. some of the voting machines have been premarked for harry reid. so you had to unmark that slot to be able to vote for me. some of the ballots were marked in one way ended up on the written ballot in a different way. then of course, as you're reporting those things where they busload folks into the polls and give them food and gift cards to kmart, those kinds of things. >> sean: i've been watching closely. it seems that harry reid's narrative on you, he's done everything possible to try and portray you as a conservative. he also says he saved the state from a -- depression,
9:38 pm
single handily. the unemployment in the state 14.3%, vegas 15%, 14 in reno. is he and his policies and his votes, do you think in large part responsible for the bad state of the economy in nevada? >> certainly we do hold him responsible here in nevada. when he went in as senate majority leader we were at 4.4% unemployment. now we are at 14.4% unemployment. when you put in the under employed and those who have quit looking we are at 22.3% unemployment. we lay those squarely at harry reid's doorstep. he's the one that pushed, promoted and made deals for those poor public policies that that have crushed our economy here. >> sean: what is your reaction, i was surprised, i expected ad at some point to run, i'm not sure if you ran it, i haven't
9:39 pm
seen it, when harry reid said to our troops the surge has failed and the war is lost, did you run a campaign ad on that? >> well, we did speak about that of course at the debate. i wanted an apology from harry reid for endangering our troops and embolding our enemies. i felt he needed to apologize to veterans to the men in the service now, men and women in service and their families as well as to the american public. but what he had done, his words do have consequences. as we looked at the broader scheme of things we knew that where nevada families were suffering was at our economy, our jobs and homes. >> sean: i think there are a lot of conservatives like myself looking forward to announcement tomorrow, fox news projects. are you ready for that announcement tomorrow? >> well, i'm very cautiously
9:40 pm
optimistic. it is one of those things that we don't try to even forecast until we've seen all the votes in. so we're just -- we're eager to have everyone get out and vote and that's what we'll overcome any fraud in the voting places that everyone goes and votes and tells their neighbors to go and vote. >> sean: sharron angle good luck, appreciate you being with us. are you in new york, where are you? >> o' >> greta: i'm in new york up a few floors from you. i'm in shep's studio, it is so cold in here. >> sean: you better be careful up there. >> greta: did you hear about the new app for just the problem you have here in new york? i'll tell you about it later. any way time looking at the clock, two hours and 20 minutes from now the election day begins. i have a cheat sheet. we have sarah palin, karl rove, marco rubio, senator mccain,
9:41 pm
christine o'donnell, mayor mcadams from alaska, governor brewer. a great line-up tonight. >> sean: our great american panel and governor haley barbour is next, straight ahead. hi. well, this is where it all starts at regions. where we build each of our customers a better banking experience. here, we're working on something really special in our family department. hey, mike. hey, sam. (rings bell) bell works. love that bell! regions recognizes the unique needs of families.
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9:46 pm
florida where republican scott is taking on the democrat sink, ohio where kasich is facing the democratic incumbent strickland. arizona where governor brewer is battling democrat goddard. joining me with analysis of how these races will impact 2012, mississippi governor haley barbour. welcome back, sir. >> thank you for having me back. >> sean: why don't you explain the process so most understand there's more at stake tomorrow than most people may know. >> because in year 2010, we have a census and after the census before the next congressional elections which will take place in 2012, the reapportionment of the congress will take place. some states will gain states some will lose seats. many will be unchanged. then the districts have to be drawn over. in the 50 states, 39 of the governors play a in redistricting. so, it is very important, particularly if you have a
9:47 pm
state with a democratic majority in congress -- i mean in the legislature to have a republican governor who can be sure that you get a fair chance in the redistricting. >> sean: i think for example, we pay a lot of attention to congressional races and firing speaker pelosi, which may happen. a lot of attention to the senate races. what do you see in terms of pick-up in the governors' races? >> today there are 24 republican governors. we think there will be 30, probably more when this election is over. it is very important, some of the ones that are really in play. the states of pennsylvania, ohio, michigan, wisconsin, illinois and iowa, were all carried by obama. most of them are considered swing states. and they all had democratic governors in 2008. every one could have a
9:48 pm
republican governor in 2012. that will make a difference for our republican nominee. having strong republican governor who is aggressively supporting the candidate can help in ohio, illinois. in fact, in ohio sean, the democratic governor strickland has made a big part of his campaign that if he gets reelected obama will be able to carry ohio in 2012. i think strickland is right. if they reelect strictland obama has a better chance. the good news for your viewers is john kasich is more likely to win that race. >> sean: he's up by a number of points right now. what do you think is the big issue you see driving this campaign? we talked about the economy, obamacare. when you see a state like wisconsin, feingold is not going to be reelected. looks like they are going to have a republican governor there. what do you think is diving this? >> a referendum on obama's policies. the american people know these
9:49 pm
policies of outrageous spending increases, skyrocketing deficits, huge new trillions in new debt on our children and grandchildren and a tax increase waiting for us around the conferencer in january. the american people know those are bad policies. tomorrow, if republicans win the victory that i hope we'll win, we will -- the american people will have repudiated obama's policies. i that i is the main thing. obama seems to think so too the way he's campaige ) )m policiesh he recognizes a big defeat?]b fr him>dí is a bigu+zt defeat fs policies. >> sean: a lot of candidates don't want him in the state which is more interesting, including -- he shows up in ohio he had 5,000 emptyeats, in a small arena, nearly half empty. >> for us, the big thing sharron angle mentioned it, getting out and voting tomorrow. we look great in the polls,
9:50 pm
we the wind at our back, the issues are on our side. now people actually have to get out and involvement if we have a big turnout it is going to be a great day for republicans tomorrow. >> sean: haley barbour appreciate you being with us. our great, great american panel is next. [ commentator ] lindsey vonn! she stays tough! earlier, she had an all-over achy cold... what's her advantage? it's speedy alka-seltzer! [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus rushes relief for all-over achy colds. the official cold medicine of the u.s. ski team. alka-seltzer plus. [ male announcer ] the vanilla caramel latte from maxwl house international café.
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>> sean: tonight on our great, great american panel. former deputy assistant secretary of state, beckel is back. former new york republican congressman running for the u.s. senate on the ballot against gillibrand tomorrow,
9:55 pm
joe dioguardi is here. she a member of resurge agent republic, leslie sanchez. all right beckel, going to be a tough night for you tomorrow, i'll help you. free counseling. >> i'll need all the help i can get. i'll make it quick and turn it over to these people it is going to be your day tomorrow if the gallup number is right if the 15 point spread is right on generic ballot, nothing will surprise me. my own count is 49 to 54 it could go up to 67. is it that big after number. normally that ballot squishing down in the last week in this case it has opened up. >> sean: why do you think that that is? >> probably the results of independents breaking solidly to the republicans. i think they gave up. >> sean: you are in a horrible state to run as a republican, new york. tomorrow is going to be a great day for republicans.
9:56 pm
>> i went around the state the last two days to engineering knights the people. they energized me. that's the -- kind of energy we have. people are fed up. they don't want the washington insiders to continue to spend money we don't have and borrow from countries like china that don't share our values. that's what is coming down tomorrow. people have to press the reset button. >> he's right. what is unusual about it, this midterm election is normally 500 plus, different elections everybody is foe can you cussed, all politics local, the tip o'neil line that is not the case. this is a nationalized election that sends a message. like buyer's remorse. people want their money back. >> sean: you were saying something in the green room that i thought was interesting that is, you things have changed in a way that you had not seen before. these are unprecedented numbers. gallup is saying unchartered waters. >> the democrats' chance was
9:57 pm
to cut themselves out from this wave and run district by district. they can't do that now. >> sean: leslie is right. >> it has been nationalized in the absence of a counter narrative, that's the problem. what are you going to say in the face of this? the way you and haley guess on. you've got a narrative, i've heard it over and over again. >> sean: i'm being nice to you. >> i know i'm going to have a tough day tomorrow and i'm going to lose a lot of friends of mine. the reality is if the numbers are over 60 it may take the democrats many cycles to get it back. >> sean: don't you blame them? firing at talk radio, hannity and fox news. the american people. hughes -- the president using terps liken minds and they can sit in the back and you know -- terms like enemies, and they can sit in the back and
9:58 pm
governing against polls, 70% immigration, mosque at ground zero, health care -- >> sean, i'm going to pass. talk to these two people about that. >> there were such great expectations for barack obama he disappointed everybody. he went so far left on his agenda to begin with. he could have come out with a stimulus plan that involved infrastructure putting people to work right away. >> sean: if in done, even if she wins is she out of there? >> it would be a wise choice only in the sense that i think -- it would be very difficult for her to be in a leadership position again. >> sean: is she done bob? >> caucus left will be very much more liberal than today. she could get reelected if she wanted to. minority leader -- [ talking over each other ] >> i'm not sure she will.
9:59 pm
the point is, the bigger question is, how are the republicans going to o? as you know there's tensions in the republican party between those coming in and [ talking over each other ] >> sean: i think that when you get marco rubio, rand paul, joe miller, sharron angle in the senate and bring in all these new house members with all this new energy and blood motivated to run by the tea party movement, i think the establishment is going to capitulate to them. >> she is not going to leave. she too well connected to the white house. you is going to leave? her failed policies. not vote for america. she voted for a far left agenda. >> people are repealing pelosi and reid together. >> i'm willing to bet reid gets reelected. >> sean: how much, right now? >> it illegal to bet on the air but i'll bet you $500. [ laughing ] >> sean: $1,0